Timing Belt Replacement

The mysterious unseen engine timing belt. Why does it need to be
changed and why is it so expensive?
The Honda and Acura timing belts is manufactured from compounds of
basically rubber. Rubber belts operate quieter and are lighter in weight
which helps improve engine performance. The only draw back is that
after about 90,000 to 100,000 miles they begin to deteriorate, but really
that kind of mileage is quite along time. Anyway, when the belt becomes
weak it can fail and either break into two pieces or the belt teeth will
break off. When this happens your engine will stop running, period. Early
products when they would break could also cause internal engine valve
damage and the later twin cam engines will almost always damage the
valves when the belt breaks. So timing belt replacement is and should be
a preventative maintenance service that is performed before the belt
breaks. We here at HAAS, Inc., will also replace the engine water pump
and coolant whenever a timing belt is changed. Reason being that if the
belt has 100,000 miles logged the water pump bearing and seal also
have the same. both the timing belt and water pump share the same
cavity inside your engine and to prevent additional labor expenses it is
smart to replace the water pump at the same time. Again I must stress
that all parts are not created equally, yes you can get a timing belt and
water pump for less cost, but in this case less cost has proven to us that
durability will suffer. We use only, and recommend Genuine Honda
replacement parts for this repair. There is no other alternative for the long
term reliability and performance of your Honda or Acura products.

For current timing belt and water pump replacement costs.

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2002 and Newer CRV,
Element, and the Owners
of 2003 Accords thru the
2019 Model year, with a 4
cylinder engine.
Does not require a timing
belt replacement.
These vehicles are fitted
with a timing chain.
There is no scheduled
replacement time or mileage