Oil and Filter Change

At HAAS, Inc. , our oil change service is much more than draining the oil, removing a filter and replacing both
items. Our STANDARD Oil and filter change service includes:
  1. Draining the engine oil with a warm engine. Inspecting the oil drain plug and replacing the drain plug
  2. Removal of the engines oil filter and installing a Genuine Honda manufactured replacement oil filter.
  3. Installing 4 or 5 quarts of Genuine Valvoline Motor oil, we use the best motor oil manufactured for your
    vehicle that not only meets, but far exceeds the factory requirements.
  4. The battery and the alternator are checked.
  5. The coolant protection condition and level is checked.
  6. Brake fluid is inspected and refilled.
  7. The washer fluid is topped up and the wipers and washers are inspected.
  8. Engine belts are inspected.
  9. Door locks and hinges are lubricated.
  10. Tires are inspected and tire pressure is adjusted.
  11. The air filter is inspected.
  12. The exhaust system is inspected.
  13. The suspension system and driveaxles are visually inspected.
  14. Of course we will recommend repairs that are needed now or repairs that can be performed at a later

Due to constant changes in oil and fuel prices we presently cannot post current oil change
service costs. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Check around, watch your mechanic or your present shop, see if they do half of the items that we perform
on a regular basis for NO additional Charges.

By the way, we will
rotate your tires for "FREE", yes free, just ask for the service.  

Remember the above service is utilizing Genuine Honda oil filters and the best Valvoline oil on the market.  
We offer synthetic motor oil changes also, however the cost is higher.               
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